Yesterday was a very productive day for me.  Let me clarify that.  It was a productive day off work.  Now that may not sound like much of a proclamation to most of you who have productive days every day.  But let me explain… I live by myself and have no children.  I may have a lot of responsibility while I’m at work and am productive every day at work, but when I get home there is just myself and the cats to be responsible for.  There just aren’t a lot of things I have to get done, so if I don’t want to be very productive on a certain day, I really don’t have to. 

Yesterday I cleaned house, lugged a few bags of donations to the Salvation Army, made a fleece blanket for my youngest niece, went to the grocery store, and made a batch of fudge.  Then I even cleaned the kitchen up after dinner and the fudge making.  I’m not sure where the energy came from or what the burst of productivity was all about, but I enjoyed it.

Now a side note about the cats.  Some of you may know how skittish and scared my little girl cat, Tinkerbell, was when I adopted her about four months ago.  She wouldn’t come out from under my bed for two weeks and wouldn’t really let me pet her for a month.  Well, she’s definitely decided she trusts me.  She lets me pet her any time I walk up to her and even comes to sit next to me and meow to ask to be petted sometimes.  And a few nights ago while she was laying next to me she rolled onto her back with her belly bared to me and let me pet her belly for a few minutes.  I’d say that’s a sure sign she is coming to trust me!