I had to work last night… New Year’s Eve night.  But it was actually fun!  I didn’t mind being there at all.  There were three staff members on the floor I was working on.  Myself and two other women I always enjoy working with.  Just before midnight we all three put on gaudy fun gold colored tiaras to wear in our hair and broke out the sparkling grape juice.  We included a patient who was awake and another patient’s family member in the celebration and rang in the New Year in a most festive and fun manner.  The patient who was awake and we were involving in the celebration asked each of us to come clink her plastic champagne glass… she wanted a real toast to the New Year.  This woman later said to me “You look so cute with the tiara!  But I bet you feel silly, huh?”  All I could do, of course, was smile and reply “A little bit, yes.”  But looking silly was worth the chuckles it got from other patients and even other staff when I wore it to the cafeteria for lunch later.  Our patients got wonderful care last night… we were still taking our jobs very seriously.  But we managed to make it a lot of fun, too.