There is a coastal town in Oregon where I lived as a child and again as a young adult.  This town hasn’t changed all that much over the years.  I am planning on moving back to Oregon in the near future and yesterday I spent the day having some minor car maintenance done to prepare my car for the drive.  So moving back “home” was very much on mind.  There is a rural two lane highway leading into this small coastal town I’ve driven on far too many times to count over the years.  There is a spot on this road where you go around a slight bend in the road and down a slight incline and suddenly this wondrous view of the ocean opens up to you and the smell of sea salt in the air can’t be ignored.  You can see the ocean about a mile ahead and it looks as though it just goes on forever.  I was on the couch reading and relaxing last night and closed my eyes and for just a moment I could see that scene so clearly I was there.  I could see the blue of the ocean almost melting into the blue of the sky so you can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins.  I could see the green, lush trees to the side of the road.  I could smell the tangy salt air that is just so clean and refreshing that once you’ve smelled it, the memory of that smell stays with you always.  I couldn’t help but break out in a smile.