I’ve applied for three different nursing jobs now at the hospital home in Oregon.  It’s been three full business days and I’ve yet to hear anything back from their nursing recruiter or human resources office.  Ok, I know three days isn’t all that long.  It’s entirely possible the person who needs to contact me is out of the office or busy with other work.  They have over a hundred open positions when I search online at the hospital’s web site for open positions in the nursing category.  This same hospital already hired me once, five years ago, on the spot.  I was actually told I had the job at the end of the interview then.  I left the hospital on good terms, eligible for rehire.  So realistically, I know my chances of being hired again are good.  But I’m not cocky or stupid enough to take that for granted.  I’ve been praying lately that if I really am supposed to move home… if it’s really what He has planned for me… I will get a job.  And I know it will be in His time, not mine.  I’ve given it into God’s hands.  But the problem is, I can’t stop worrying about it… I can’t seem to just leave it in God’s hands.  Mom pointed out to me once a few years ago that if you ask a friend to drive you somewhere and they say yes, they will do it, you don’t keep calling them every five minutes to ask them again and again if they’re going to do it.  Right?  Well, when you give something to God, you shouldn’t keep asking Him over and over and over for that same thing.  The analogy made perfect sense to me, and in theory I totally agree with her.  It’s just the putting that concept into practice thing I’m having some trouble with.  I suppose this is what I get for being impatient, yeah?  :)