I should be on top of the world still right now.  I should be jumping for joy still about my new job and the move to be closer to my family.  But I’m not.  Instead I’m sad.  I’ve made the very difficult decision not to bring my cats with me along for the move across the country from Ohio to Oregon.  This decision was made for various many reasons and not made lightly.  I’ve spent several days racking my brain trying to come up with some way to take them and just can’t find a workable solution.  So I’m working on trying to find them good, safe homes.  They’re my fur babies and I love them dearly and would hurt anyone who didn’t take good care of them.  I’m praying a lot for safe homes for them and feeling a little desperate that I won’t find them homes in time.  I only have three weeks to find them homes and it seems that everyone wants cute little kittens… not adult cats.  There are far too many cats that are strays and in shelters, so I’m up against a big obstacle.  I am actually still happy about the new job and the move home… it’s just a bittersweet situation.