Yesterday I delivered my fur babies, my two wonderful cats, to their new home.  I had been impressed with what a kind woman their new master was from her e mails and was confident she will care for them well.  This impression was solidified when I got out of my car and she insisted on greeting me with a hug, saying “I’m a big hugger.”  Then the next sentence out of her mouth was the clincher.  She nodded to a green jade cross I have hanging from the rear view window of my car and said “I see you’re a Christian, too.  I am, too, and I prayed about this a lot.”  That point was when my eyes filled with tears.  I told her I had prayed a lot for a safe, good home for them and I thought to myself that I was absolutely positive this was God’s hand at work. 

As an aside… that jade cross that hangs from my rearview mirror has been there for six years now.  I brought it back from my first medical mission trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2002.  It reminds me of the wonderful feeling I had when I returned and how blessed and spoiled I realized I am.