I left Ohio on Tuesday morning.  I arrived here in Oregon at my sister’s home Thursday night.  That was three days of driving about 13 to 14 hours a day and about 850 miles a day.  Sure I could have driven less hours and less miles a day.  I didn’t absolutely have to be here until next Wednesday… four days from now.  But I was on a mission to get home.  I was on a mission to get started on the next chapter of my life.  And I’m so very glad to be here!  The drive was actually pretty uneventful and there were no major problems.  My air conditioning stopped getting as cold as it should somewhere in Nebraska the second day so the rest of the drive was spent with the windows down.  Not a huge problem… only a minor annoyance.  And when I stopped in Ogden, Utah the second night I ended up stopping at a hotel right off a freeway exit that was under construction.  So I had to go 10 miles out of the way to get back on the freeway the next morning.  (Part of that 10 miles was the fact I misread the detour signs, I admit.)  Again, not a huge problem… just a minor annoyance.  All in all, the drive was smooth.  I made it safely with myself and the car in one piece.  That’s enough to make me a happy girl.  I spent yesterday driving around town and seeing an apartment I want to rent.  It was nice to know I rememebered my way around town pretty well.  I really do feel like this new chapter of my life has endless possibilities… all of them good ones!  My mood is definitely very hopeful and optimisitic right now.