My sister’s family eats very healthy food choices.  They eat a well balanced and healthy diet but eat plenty and it’s all delicious.  When I first got back to Oregon a month ago I stayed at their house for almost two weeks and adopted some of their good eating habits.  I’ve surprised myself by only having eaten red meat three times in the past five weeks… and in the past two days I’ve eaten no meat at all.  Not that I’m becoming a vegetarian or vegan.  I’m not morally opposed to eating red meat and have eaten it and enjoyed it often.  It’s just that the major cause of plaque in our arteries is animal fat from our diet.  The less animal fat you eat, generally the less plaque buildup you’ll have in your arteries.  And that equates to better heart function and health.  The amount of animal fat in my diet is an easily modifiable thing.  I have eaten delicious food the past few days that’s been easy for me to cook and been quite filling.  But there has been no meat at all for two days.  To a girl who grew up with a cow and pigs and chickens around that I knew we were going to butcher to eat, this is quite a change.  But a healthy one.  As I’ve turned 40, it’s really hitting me that I’m at that age where the normal changes of aging are going to start happening.  So I have to do what I can to delay them.  That’s not to say I’ll never again enjoy a nice juicy steak.  It just means I won’t be doing it nearly as often.