My job really is fun most of the time.  My patients can say the funniest things sometimes.  The other night a patient on our floor was walking around the hallways at 4am because he couldn’t sleep.  I asked if he was tired.  His answer?  “About as tired as you are tall.”  (For those of you who don’t know, I’m only 4′ 10″.)  My reply was to laugh and say “Then you must not be very tired.”  As I walked around the corner the charge nurse for the shift was laughing and said that little interaction was one of the funniest things she’d heard in a while. 

And a question to throw out there… I recently read an article addressing this question and was wondering what you guys thought…  Are gift cards a good idea or a cop out?  Personally, I like them for those hard to buy for people who you just can’t figure out the right gift to give.  But I can see the argument that they’re cop out and taking the easy way out.  Yes, I’m sitting right there on the middle of the fence.  lol