I have no clue what my deal is with blogging about sad news stories lately… My life is going very well and I’m happier than I’ve been in a while.  I guess it’s just the abundance of those tragic news stories out there.  Anyway, this 16 year old boy in California was recently found in just just boxer briefs with a shackle on his ankle and covered in soot and looking very emaciated.  He had escaped from the home where he had been kept captive for approximately a year and walked into a gym in search of help.  The couple who kept him against his will are in jail and charged with multiple felony counts.  They beat his knees with a baseball bat and burned him with a metal baseball bat heated in a fireplace.  As the story unfolds, he came to their home by way of his aunt who had legal custody of him.  It turns out she had been given legal custody because his father had been found guilty of beating him!  What tragic irony that he’d been removed from one abusive situation only to find himself in another living hell.  I can only hope someone realizes how important some professional mental health help is going to be to this boy in his future.  Not one but a total of four adults he should have been able to trust to protect him abused him in horrible ways.  There’s no way that can’t leave some serious psychological scars.