I am being so incredibly scatterbrained today!  (My sister and I call it having a really A.D.D. day… I seriously do think I have adult A.D.D. sometimes!)  Anyway… I’d been doing laundry this morning and put the sheets off my bed into the washing machine.  I got a set of clean sheets out of the closet and started making my bed back up.  Somehow I got distracted by the Christmas tree ornaments laying on the floor in the living room that needed to be put on the tree.  So I decorated the Christmas tree.  About an hour later I walked into my bedroom and had to laugh at myself.  My bed was only half made up.  The bottom sheet was on, the top sheet was halfway unfolded and spread out, and the blanket and comforter were still sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed.  I don’t really remember why I walked away in the middle of making the bed up… I’m sure I had some perfectly reasonable explanation at the time. 

After doing laundry and decorating the tree I put on some Christmas music and wrote out about half of my Christmas cards.  It’s fun to be in the Christmas mood!