I have a minor pet peeve to vent about.  It’s something that the general public probably wouldn’t give a second thought to, but someone in the health care field would.  There’s a headline on a news article I read today that reads “Patrick Swayze checks into hospital with pneumonia.”  And various articles I’ve read have mentioned such and such celebrity “checking out” of the hospital.  Ok, folks, a hospital is not a hotel.  Really.  You don’t check in and check out of one.  You’re admitted by your doctor and discharged by your doctor.  (Unless, of course, you choose to leave Against Medical Advice, in which case you sign a waiver of liability but that’s another story.)   As a nurse, I work hard to be seen and treated as a professional.  I’m willing to admit I may be being a bit overly sensitive about this, but that terminology that makes it sound like a person coming to the hospital is visiting a hotel irks me.  And now that I’m done venting, it’s time to get ready to go take care of some sick patients.  :)