So, I have a close friend who actually enjoys cleaning.  She’s my cleaning guru.  I call her any time I need to know how to best clean something around my house and she always has an answer.  Me, I like my house being clean but don’t enjoy doing the cleaning to get it that way like she does.  I tell her that not everyone enjoys cleaning and she reminds me that not everyone hates it like I do.  It’s an ongoing debate and joke for a while now.  Anyway, she’s been telling me for several months now that I need a Dyson vacuum cleaner… only a Dyson will do… I’ll be amazed at the difference and at how much it sucks up.  Target happened to have a PINK Dyson on clearance sale and pink is my very favorite color and I happened to have the money to spend at the time sooooo… This morning after work I went shopping!  I am now the proud owner of a new Dyson brand vacuum.  And yes, it is as amazing as she said.  In just the bedroom alone it almost filled the entire dirt canister and I had vacuumed in there just about 3 days earlier!  It also is awfully quiet compared to other vacuums I’ve owned, and it glides on carpet really easily.  I had never even heard of Dyson brand vacuums until this friend of mine told me about them and now I’m hooked.  And as I’m writing this, it occurs to me that my life must be awfully dull if a new vacuum is the only thing I can think of to write about, yeah?