This isn’t a technically great shot.  But I just thought it was some really fun graffiti I saw painted on a fence as I was driving today. 

Anyway… I’ve been doing my part to stimulate the economy lately, but now I’m done.  I spent my tax refund on a few things I’d been needing (or some just wanting) since I moved back to Oregon almost 6 months ago.  I wanted a new tv because I’ve been using a small old one my sister gave me when I moved.  I needed a new couch because I’ve been sitting on an old futon that my sister and I have passed back and forth between each other for a number of years now and while it’s functional, it’s not all that comfortable.  And I wanted a fancy new vacuum, needed a dining table because I didn’t have one, and just really wanted the new camera I got.  So it wasn’t as though I was spending money just to be spending it.  I was clearing off my wish list.  And now it’s all cleared off so I am DONE spending.  But it was sure fun.  My living room and dining area look completely different… and great!