I’ve been living on my own for a number of years now.  My mom has said I’m “too damn independent for my own good.”  And I learned to use various hand tools as a kid playing in my dad’s wood shop.  Add that all together and I can do many small repairs around the house and am pretty comfortable with that.  So this evening I didn’t give a second thought to moving the futon from the living room to the spare bedroom by myself.  I was getting prepared for the delivery of the new couch tomorrow morning.  Well, what I should have probably given more thought to was the tight corner between the living room and spare bedroom that I needed to maneuver the futon around.  I got it stuck a few times… said a few obscene words under my breath… ended up having to move it halfway around the corner in the couch position then flatter into the bed position to get it the rest of the way around the corner and through the doorway into the bedroom.  I’m sure it looked pretty comical.  At one point I was ready to give up.  I planned to pull it out the front door and put an ad on the free section of craigslist to let anyone who would haul it away have it.  But I seem to have inherited my mother’s stubborn streak and wasn’t going to just give up.  So it did eventually get into the spare room.  And looks rather nice in there, too.