I read a news article recently about a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health regarding weight loss.  They proclaimed the “key” to weight loss is… wait for it… here it comes… cutting calories and getting exercise!  Well, DUH!  I’ve said for years now that weight loss isn’t magic.  It boils down to simple math.  Burn more calories than you take in.  And now a study conducted by a reputable organization has proven me right.  Don’t I feel special?  The part I find most laughable (or sad, maybe… pick one) is that grant money was spent and time spent to determine a “key” to weight loss that is simply common sense.  Does this seem like a waste of resources to anyone other than me?  Let’s research a cure for cancer or diabetes, or research ways to clean our environment and keep it that way.  Those would be more worthy causes to use the resources on.  Sure, obesity is a huge problem in our society.  (Yes, pun fully intended.)  It costs us hundreds of thousands of health care dollars to care for the many chronic health issues associated with obesity.  I’m not diminishing the severity of the issue.  I’m just saying it’s pretty much common sense to figure out that eating less and getting more exercise is going to take bring weight off.  Yet someone felt the need to spend who knows how much money and manpower proving this?  That just seems like reinventing the wheel… in other words, completely unnecessary.