I’ve known for years that the women on my mom’s side of the family all have a strong family resemblance.  I’ve also known we’re blessed with great genes that keep us looking young for our age.  We all have a stubborn streak, as my Aunt Quilly recently pointed out.  We’re also all strong willed women who know our own minds.  We are intelligent women and have opinions on just about anything.  Just ask us, we’ll be glad to share those opinions.  We each are blessed with a great sense of humor.  We laugh together a lot.  We’re loyal to each other and anyone who is “ours.”  We talk a lot, we read a lot, we cry when it’s appropriate and we yell across rooms at each other.  These are just a few things this collective “we” of women have in common.  But tonight I came across another commonality.  At least three of us are also night owls.  Probably more us than just the three, but I only know of the three so far.  It was my sister who asked if this is genetic.  I say it’s just one more thing I come by naturally.  Sure, I learned a lot in college about the nature vs. nurture argument.  Get all the women on my mom’s side of the family together and there’s no debate… Nature wins!  But since I admire and love my aunts and cousins dearly, I’m not complaining one bit.