I recently ordered a spare battery for my camera on line from a business I’d not shopped with before. All signs of decent security were in place that I could see and I went ahead and placed the order. The next business day I received an email from someone in their customer service department simply saying that my order required further “attention” and asking me to call them. My immediate thought was ok, they’re going to try to bait and switch by offering a great price on the battery I ordered but then try to sell me a more expensive one. I was all ready to simply cancel my order and pay a little more to order it from a camera shop I’ve done lots of business with in the past. I had only ordered from this place to try to save some money. I was pleasantly surprised when I made the phone call to the customer service representative. He did start the conversation by saying “The battery you’ve ordered is on back order and it looks like it will be a pretty long wait, about 16 weeks.” But then his next sentence was the very pleasant surprise. They are upgrading my order to a slightly more expensive and supposedly longer lasting battery for the SAME price as the one I originally ordered… NO extra charge! Sounds great, right? Well… the pleasantly surprised feeling only lasted a while until I thought it through. I went to their website and looked at the battery I will actually be receiving and compared it to the battery I originally ordered. The battery I originally ordered is OEM… made by Nikon. The one they want to sell me first of all sells for the same price as the one I ordered anyway so it’s not really so much of an upgrade and it’s made by some other off-brand manufacturer. They weren’t really going to get any more money out of me, but they would probably make more money from my sale because I would guess they can buy the off-brand batteries much cheaper than they can the Nikon manufactured ones. So in the end, I am canceling the order after all. I will go ahead and spend the money for what I wanted in the first place… and stick to shopping places I already trust.