I knew I was going to have a bit extra on my paycheck on Friday, yesterday.  So I was debating if I was going to do the responsible adult thing with it or spend it on a new laptop that I really wanted but didn’t really need.  On Thursday night I had just convinced myself to do the responsible adult thing when I accidentally (and I swear it was an accident!) spilled a full 16 oz glass of water all over my laptop.  Right across the keyboard.  It’s fried… won’t even try to boot up.  So the decision was made for me and I now have the new laptop I was wanting.  The timing of that was a bit ironic, no?  And I know of at least a few people who are never going to be convinced that it wasn’t on purpose!  Luckily I had just gotten an external hard drive a few weeks earlier and moved my documents and music to it, so I didn’t lose much at all.  It could have been so much worse!