I have a recipe that one of my aunts sent to me over a year ago that I’ve been meaning to try because it sounded great but just kept forgetting about it. Well, I finally tried it tonight and it was a very good, easy, fast dinner. It’s an omelet made in a plastic freezer bag. My aunt said she made them with my cousin’s girl scout troop years ago. Take 2 eggs and put them in a plastic freezer bag (needs to be one that is labeled freezer, not just storage, and I used a quart sized one). Add a small amount of whatever omelet ingredients you want (I added cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, green onions, and mushrooms),salt and pepper to taste, and knead the ingredients and eggs together in the plastic bag. Drop the bag into a pan of boiling water and boil for 9 minutes. It slides right out of the bag and is a perfect sized omelet for most. It turned out perfect and there was little mess to clean up. I used all fresh produce freshly chopped. I will definitely be making this again! And just for fun, I added a picture I took recently at the beach down below. My sister says the world does not need any more pictures of seagulls, but I liked how this one turned out so I’m sharing.