About a week ago at work one night a patient spit water on me. Well, actually they spit a mouthful of water they had just swished around their mouth at me. Gross! Ew. Yuck. To answer your questions before you ask, yes, they were confused and no, I have no idea why the did this. Later that night a few coworkers and I started talking about the things we have happen to us at work that are gross. We get spit on, peed on, puked on, pooped on. And that can all happen in just one shift. But we decided it’s more gross to touch a stranger’s feet all day long. Seriously. The subject of my upcoming pedicure (the one I had on Sunday) had come up and at least three of us agreed we’d rather deal with the gross stuff we do every day than give a stranger a pedicure. Touching icky strange feet all day? No thank you! And the same goes for being a dental hygienist. Stick my hands in stranger’s mouths all day? No thanks! Ewww. I guess each of us has a different level of what kinds of gross things we can handle. Handle both literally and figuratively, of course.