I just read an article that made me wonder just how some people can do things in such poor taste.  I swear some people don’t have a single bit of thought to how their actions or words may come across to others.  Or maybe they do, and they do the things they do for shock value.  Anyway, Mary Kay Letourneau is hosting a “Hot Teacher Night” at a Seattle area bar this weekend.  She’ll be hosting, her husband will be the deejay.  For those of you not familiar with the names, Mary Kay was a teacher who went to prison for about 7 and a half years when she had a highly inappropriate with a student of hers.  It was a physical relationship when the student was 12 years old and she was 34.  The two have two children together and married a year after she was released from prison.    Is it just me, or does this hosting this Hot Teacher Night seem as though they’re making light of the situation, maybe exploiting it for attention?  And I find that highly inappropriate and distasteful.  I’m by no means prudish or uptight, but flaunting the situation like that just crosses a line, I think.  And your thoughts?