I got some happy news tonight I’m excited to share.  I’ve been wanting to go on another medical mission to Guatemala (I’ve been on two) for a while now and praying about it and looking for the right opportunity.  Well, I found the right one!  I’m going in October with a small group from a Methodist church in Arizona and couldn’t be more excited.  I got an e mail from the man leading the team tonight and he said they’d love to have me join them and sent me the application packet to get filled out.  So it’s looking like it’s a go.  It may seem like I’m doing a good thing, helping those less fortunate than myself.  And I suppose I am.  But the real reason I’m so excited to go is how much I get out of it.  I come home feeling renewed and excited about my work again and feeling very blessed and spoiled.  I’m reminded of all of the blessings in my life after these trips.  So I have my own selfish reasons for wanting to do this, I admit.