A person who can laugh at themselves will always have a source of amusement, right?  So that’s why I have no problem laughing at myself.  I’ll share this story so you can laugh at me, too.  Last night in the late evening I was chatting away online with a very dear friend of mine and we were having a sort of serious conversation so I was focused.  But just before we’d started chatting, I had started to make some macaroni and cheese for a late night snack.  I’d only had a light dinner earlier and was hungry.  But I got involved in the conversation and forgot about the macaroni and cheese boiling away.  Eventually I thought I smelled some smoke and at the same time I realized it was, the smoke detector started beeping at me.  So I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the pan off the stove, and turned on the fan.  Then I went around the house opening every window to get some fresh air in here.  I’m not usually that scatterbrained, but obviously I have my moments.