About a week ago I wrote a post regarding my weight loss plans and goals.  I’d stepped on the scale for the first time in a while and the number I saw was dangerously close to a number I am just not ok with at all.  So I made the decision it was time to get serious and make the weight loss happen.  My goal was/is to start out with working out on my elliptical machine four days a week and increase the duration of workouts and number or days a week slowly.  I made the four times last week and have two under my belt for this week so far.  And I’ve been eating even better food choices, working hard at cutting out calorie empty snacks from the vending machine at work and not buying any potato chips at the grocery store that will just get eaten way too fast.  And the payoff is… I’m down 3 lbs in the last week!  (Weighing myself on the same scale, same time of day, same day of the week.)  I’m always telling my patients at work we’ll take any progress in the right direction we can get.  Now it’s time to apply that to my personal life and be happy with this step in the right direction.  It’s only a small portion of what I have to get rid of, but it’s a start.  So I’m happy.  :)