I’m planning a trip late this winter (more about that later this week) that will involve going snorkeling.  I wish I  knew how to scuba dive, but I don’t, so I’ll settle happily for snorkeling.  Anyway, I want to be able to take photos underwater.  I don’t really want to buy a separate camera to be able to do that, since I really like both my small point and shoot digital camera and my larger digital SLR.  So, I started looking at finding an underwater casing for my small point and shoot camera.  I found one for a fraction of what an underwater camera would cost, so quickly ordered it.  It arrived in my  mailbox on Monday and I left within an hour of opening the package to go swimming in a local river.  Of course, I took the camera snuggled inside the waterproof case with me to try it out.  The glass that covers the lens area does degrade the quality of the photos some, but I still had fun playing with it.  Here are a few shots I took that afternoon.