A 32 year old man from Seoul has been fined just over $2,400 for trying to steal a kiss from his 27 year old date… while he thought she was hypnotized.  Uh huh.  Apparently the man isn’t quite the hypnotist he thinks he is and his date, a woman he was set up with through a matchmaking service, wasn’t really hypnotized.  She accused him of sexually harassing her.  The article I read on msnbc.com (found here) didn’t mention anything else the man did other than attempt to steal a kiss.  It doesn’t even say he was successful at that.  So I fail to see just how what he did was worth fining him over $2,000.  Sure, if I were the woman I wouldn’t return any further calls from him or ever date him again, but, really?  Over $2,000?  That just seems a little excessive, unless there was more to his actions that the article didn’t go into.