I recently got a new laptop… a macbook pro.  This is my first mac.  I’ve been using windows Vista since shortly after it was released and pretty much hate how unstable it is and the almost constant updates from Microsoft trying to keep it secure and running as smoothly as they can get it.  My brother in law and sister and a good friend are all mac fans and have been telling me I really need a mac.  They’ve used the arguments that they’re more stable, more secure, and have better graphics.  I was slightly worried about being able to get used to the differences after being so used to windows based PCs over the past ten years.  So I did some research on apple’s online support pages and decided it wouldn’t be all that difficult to get used to.  So I ordered my new laptop.  Then I worried about if the extra money I spent on it would be worth it… if I’d really be able to see enough differences.  Those worries were gone the minute I unpacked the new mac and booted it up.  I could virtually instantly see a difference in the graphics.  And over the past four days that I’ve owned it, I’ve not ONCE had to reboot because it froze or started acting buggy.  Programs are a breeze to install, finding programs I want to use is simple, and it’s not been difficult to get used to at all.  I have things customized how I want them on my desktop and dock, and it was very easy to figure out how to do that.  I am totally sold on mac!