I read a news article recently that made me chuckle.  Granted, it’s fairly easy to make me laugh, but the irony in this story is definitely comical.  http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2009/oct/03/admitted-embezzler-wins-lottery-drawing/

In a nutshell, a former radio executive in Kansas admitted he embezzled almost $88,000 from his employer in order to pay for his addiction to scratch off lottery tickets.  (Hey, I didn’t make it up, I’m just repeating it… )  At a preliminary hearing recently he was notified he won a $96,000 lottery prize.  The irony?  The $96,000 winnings are going to pay back his employer so he won’t see a penny of it.  You have to admit, that is laughable, yeah?

And in other news, I leave for Guatemala in just 5 days!  Yay!  I’m busy with last minute preparations and very excited.  Many, many photos to follow when I return.