Have you ever had a day… week… month… when you were really aware of just how blessed your life is?  I’ve been feeling that way for most of the past year and a half since I moved back to Oregon.  And even more so the past week or so, for some unknown reason.  I just am so happy with my  life… the good and the bad.  Sure, I was diagnosed with diabetes in November.  But it’s made me healthier in the long run by forcing me to make some serious lifestyle changes.  And with those changes, my diabetes has been well controlled.  I have a loud, zany, close, loving family.  I have terrific friends who are very supportive and caring.  I have a career that I am truly proud of and I find challenging and it offers me all kinds of opportunities.  I live in a wonderfully beautiful and fun city that I enjoy.  I have a place to live that’s warm and cozy.  I always have enough food in my kitchen that I never go hungry.  I have a car that runs well that is paid off.  All of these are blessing for which I’m grateful.  My life really is blessed.