We use computerized charting at work, so there are computers at various locations spread throughout the patient care floors of the hospital.  We have access to the internet on these computers.  Our internet usage can easily be followed since we have to sign into our own individual network account to access it.  As an aside, I find this completely appropriate and have no issues with it since the vast majority of us have no legitimate need for internet access to do our jobs.  The organization uses a subscription services to block access to a few certain websites.  Among them are social networking websites such as facebook and myspace.   Anyway… on our internal intranet there is a page titled “Info Line”.  It’s a question/comment page that receives anonymous questions and comments from employees in any area of the organization.  Recently someone asked why access to myspace and facebook are blocked when people still have access to web based mail such as on aol or hotmail or yahoo mail.  They stated that for some people the site facebook or myspace is their main way to send and receive messages from friends.  (What they obviously meant was their main way of doing this outside of work.)  The response to this person’s question was to state that the internet access we have is a “benefit” and a “privilege,” not a right.  It was a very calm and professional answer.  I was just surprised that someone would have the audacity to complain about this.  So you can’t send private messages to your friends on myspace or facebook from work?  So what?  I’m sure hundreds of thousands of other people who have no internet access at work at all can’t either.  So, for the record, how many of you have, or have had, internet access at work when it wasn’t necessary for you to be able to complete your job function?  Would you have complained about not being able to access myspace or facebook?  Just a question to throw out there.