So, it’s been 7 months now since my diagnosis.  And boy, has my life changed.  But for the better.  Absolutely for the better.  I’m healthier and stronger feeling than I’ve been in years.  I’m down to a weight I haven’t been in eight years, at least.  I can’t seem to stop bragging to my friends and family about my weight loss.  I’ve lost 40 lbs and am only 2 lbs away from my BMI going down from the “obese” category to the “overweight” category.  I do still have about 30 to 35 more lbs to lose, but since I’m already over halfway there the rest is all downhill from here.  That does not mean I’m getting complacent at all.  I’m eating better than ever and doing great with my regular exercise.  In fact, this week I increased my number of workouts from 4 days to 5.  I whine a bit (ok, a lot) and drag my feet about working out, but I’m always so glad when I do it… It just feels so good afterwards!  Sure, my main reason for doing it is to make those insulin receptors more sensitive and help control my blood sugar.  But the fact I’m losing a decent amount of weight while I’m at it is certainly a nice bonus.  My blood sugars have been in great control and at my last doctor’s appointment she even let me cut back my oral diabetic med from twice a day to once.  I’m feeling pretty confident right now about my health, my body, and my ability to stay on top of this disease.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to get lazy about it.  I know I need to work hard every minute of every day to stay on top of it.  But I’m feeling like it is doable.  I can do this!  I may not want to, but I can.  And it turns out that this nasty disease has actually been a blessing in disguise.  Without it, who knows when I would have found the motivation I needed to make the lifestyle changes I needed to.