Multiple news agencies are reporting that Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.  As a woman, I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now.  This should be a very joyful time for her, celebrating this wonderful news.  Instead, she must be horribly confused and conflicted as her husband is being accused of having inappropriate relationships with other women.  How far those inappropriate relationships went is up for debate.  But at the very least, the man has proven himself to be a liar.  He first adamantly  denied sending lewd photos to women via twitter private messages and insisted his twitter account was hacked into.  He later reversed his stance and admitted he had indeed sent the photos himself.  That alone is proof he’s a liar.  And if he’s being dishonest about that, what else is he being dishonest about?  I’m certainly not presuming to know what his wife is thinking.  But if that thought crossed my mind and I’m a completely objective bystander, it’s a very good guess the thought has also crossed her mind.  I feel empathy for the conflicting emotions she must be feeling at what should be only a positive and happy time in her life.  This is just another example of how being dishonest hurts those people closest to you.