This is my very first crochet pattern… and a very basic, simple one. It’s actually a variation of a pattern my mom came up with for a hooded cowl.

Using a size K hook and medium/worsted weight yarn, loosely chain 165 or 175 stitches, depending on how long you want the scarf to be. You want to chain these loosely so this row is the same length as all the following rows. Slip stitch this chain row together. You can either keep it straight or twisting it if you want a twist in the scarf. Chain 2, double crochet in each stitch around. Slip stitch to 2nd of chain 2, double stitch in each stitch around, and keep repeating until it’s the width you want. If you use a lighter weight yarn, change the chain to chain 1 and use a half double crochet instead of double. I hope this makes sense. Feel free to contact me with any questions.