Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week visiting and working at Deborah’s House.  That is a shelter for women and children coming from domestic violence situations located in Tijuana.  I want to share with you the biggest lesson I brought home with me from that trip.  I have a new definition of the word strong now, of what it means to be strong.  The women staying there have suffered violent, horrific, awful circumstances.  I don’t know many specific details of their stories, but I do know enough that the circumstances they’ve come from are unimaginable to a caucasian woman from the U.S. with a middle class upbringing like mine.  The fact they’ve lived through these circumstances is testament enough to their strength, but they’ve gone on to survive those circumstances by coming to Deborah’s House and learning to make a better life for themselves and their children.  Some inner strength gave them the power to keep the hope alive that they could have a better life.  I can only begin to guess at the amount of strength that takes.  And they don’t even realize just how strong they are.  They probably also don’t know that they will forever now define that word for me.  But they will.