Oliver meows like he’s going to visit an executioner when I have to take him to the vet… or to the groomer.  But every single vet or groomer visit, they tell me what a well behaved cat he is for them. Once his vet called him her best behaved patient all day.  The office vet tech tells me “We love him here.”  What’s puzzling about that is he is NOT as well behaved at home.  Nope.  Recently I had to give him a pill a day for a month.  I lived with scratches on my hands and forearms for a month straight.  Try to trim his claws?  He cries and fights and acts like I’m trying to torture him.  So why, exactly, is he so well behaved for others?  At his last vet visit, his vet and I discussed that.  My theory is that it’s similar to the concept that toddlers will act up for mom and dad more so than for other people caring for them because mom and dad are “safe.”  (I know that’s a huge generalization, but let’s just go with it…)  They can act up and know that mom and dad will still love them.  Could he know I offer him safety and he can act up with me and I’ll still love him?  Or am I giving a cat far too much credit?  Hard to know for sure, of course, but his vet thought I might be onto something.


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