I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to television… True crime shows!  I find them fascinating for one simple reason.  As Mark Twain said, “truth is stranger than fiction.”  Watching these shows, I realize just how very true that is.  I could not possibly make up some of the stories I’ve seen profiled on these shows.  (Maybe all that proves is I should stick to being a nurse and not a novelist.)  At work I also get to see this statement proved correct.  A few coworkers and I were recently discussing the fact that if the general public was told some of the stories about what we see and do and hear in a shift, they would think we were making it up.  Things patients do and say are sometimes almost unbelievable, and probably wouldn’t be believed by the general public.  There happen to be some pretty significant laws in place to protect patient privacy that prevent us from sharing these stories, but trust me when I say these stories are sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, and always interesting.  Just one more thing I love about being a nurse!  There is truly never a dull moment.