I work nights, 7 pm to 7:30am.  And I’ve discovered over the past almost nine years of a night shift schedule that there are some advantages to not working a “normal” 9 to 5 schedule.  Sure, it can sometimes be difficult to schedule 9 to 5 appointments like doctor and dentist appointments.  But there are advantages, too.  I miss rush hour traffic.  I leave for work after it’s over and head home in the morning before it gets heavy.  I can go to the gym at 1 in the afternoon when teenagers and college aged young adults are in class and most adults are at work.  And I can go to the grocery store at odd hours when it’s fairly empty and be in and out quickly.  Tonight I went to the grocery store at 10pm.  (Yes, mom, I went out after dark.)  That’s when I was fully awake and had the most energy.  It was a breeze to get in there, get a cart full of groceries for the next week or so, and get home.  So I really don’t mind my odd night-owl schedule.